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Hello! newsletter 2011 for the study children aged 7-8

Download the Hello! newsletter 2011 for the study children aged 7-8 years old (PDF 2.3 MB)

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What's happening now?

You are one of almost 10,000 children who are a very important part of Growing Up in Australia—a big study about children right across Australia.

Now that you're about to turn 8 or 9, an Interviewer from the Growing Up in Australia team has either recently visited you or will be visiting you again sometime in 2012.

Are you the same as or different to other kids around the world?

Did you know that you are one of hundreds of thousands of children around the WORLD taking part in studies just like ours?

Here's how you compare to kids in Ireland:

when you were 6-7 years old

Keeping fit and healthy

In 2009 and 2010 when we spoke to you and the other children in the study, we found out some important things about what 6–7 year olds do. Here are some things your parents told us about you keeping fit and healthy.

Eating well

Colourful and crunchy fruit and vegetables are part of a balanced diet because they are important for our health, growth and development.

How many fruits and vegetables did you eat yesterday?

Serves of fruit and vegetables
2 pieces or less 1 in 2 kids are the same as you
3 or 4 pieces 2 in 5 kids are the same as you
5 or more pieces 1 in 10 kids are the same as you

Having fun with exercise

We also asked your parents how much they thought you enjoy doing things like running around outside, playing sport, riding bikes, and jumping on trampolines.

This pie chart shows us that most kids really like doing these things.

Pie chart showing how much kids like exercise, as described in text below.

Most kids really like exercise, quite a lot of kids like exercise, and a small number of kids either don't mind or don't like exercise.