Ordering the general release data through an Organisational Deed of Licence

Under organisational licensing arrangements, organisations sign an Organisational Deed of Licence for access to the LSAC datasets. Individuals within the organisation who require access to the data will sign a shorter Deed of Confidentiality. The Organisational Delegate, the officer responsible for the Deed, nominates a central contact person (a Data Manager) who is responsible for managing the security of the data and regulating access to the data within the organisation. The Data Manager is required to liaise with DSS on data access issues and provide information to the Department of Social Services about the use of the datasets within the organisation.

A major advantage of the organisational licensing arrangements is a better assignment of the rights and responsibilities between the organisation and individual users. It also streamlines access to the data as the datasets would be held on site and be paid for up front.

Users at an organisation which has an Organisational Deed of Licence will only be granted access to the data under the organisational licensing arrangements. They will need to contact the Data Manager at their organisation to complete the application form and sign the individual Deed of Confidentiality.

Organisational licensing arrangements are available for both Australian and overseas organisations.

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