Ordering LSAC data - Release 6

Release 6 of the LSAC data are now available. If you wish to apply for the LSAC data you should read the following to understand how to obtain access to the dataset.

For more information, refer to the Fact sheets on the DSS website. All applicants for the datasets should read the Fact Sheets, regardless of whether they have previously read them. A recent change is the requirement for a senior research officer from the same project to have access to the data before research assistants will be granted access to the data.

As with any legal document, all users should carefully read the Deed that they sign and make sure that they fully understand their responsibilities and obligations. In order to ensure that DSS's policy is clear and fully understood all applicants should read the Fact sheets available on the DSS website as understanding of these documents form part of the obligations agreed to by the applicant in signing the Deed.

The data is provided as SAS datasets, STATA datasets and SPSS system files datasets on a CD. Full documentation is included.

Order forms and Deeds of Licence

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