Growing Up in Australia and Footprints in Time
LSAC and LSIC Research Conference 2013

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Wednesday 13 November 2013

0815 Registration opens
0915 Welcome to country / Welcome to conference / Conference opening


Keynote presentation 1

The US National Children's Study
Captain Steven Hirschfeld MD, Director, The National Children's Study (USA)
Broadway Room




Early Childhood Education & Education

Chicago Room

Social Policy (1)

Chorus Line Room

Symposium: Predictors, pathways & outcomes of high BMI

Carousel Room

Mental Health

Phantom Room


Early bird catches the worm: The causal impact of pre-school participation and teacher qualifications on Year 3 national NAPLAN cognitive tests

Diana Warren, John Haisken-DeNew

Intergenerational mobility in Australia: Has the link between parents' socio-economic status and their children's educational performance weakened since the 1970s?

Gerry Redmond, Ilan Katz, Bruce Bradbury, Melissa Wong

Family and neighbourhood socioeconomic inequalities in developmental trajectories of overweight during childhood: Results from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children

Pauline Jansen, Fiona Mensah, Jan Nicholson, Melissa Wake

Social and emotional wellbeing of Indigenous Australian mothers with infants and toddlers: What can we learn from LSIC?

Fabrizio D'Esposito, Rebecca Giallo, Jan Nicholson


Attendance in primary school: Factors and consequences

Galina Daraganova, Killian Mullan, Ben Edwards

The impact of multiple major life events on children's social and emotional wellbeing

Deborah Kikkawa, Stuart Bell, Helene Shin, Helen Rogers, Fiona Skelton

Bi-directional associations between mothers' and fathers' parenting consistency and child BMI from ages 4-10 years

Pauline Jansen, Rebecca Giallo, Elizabeth Westrupp, Melissa Wake, Jan Nicholson

Risk factors associated with trajectories of mothers' psychological distress across the postnatal and early parenting period

Rebecca Giallo, Amanda Cooklin, Jan Nicholson


Modelling the relationship between preschool competencies and school achievement in the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children

Kate Reid, Clare Ozolins, Sarah Buckley, Siek Toon Khoo

Family income and child cognitive and non-cognitive development: The possible pathways

Rasheda Khanam, Hong Son Nghiem

Health outcomes of diverse childhood BMI trajectories: The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children

Susan Clifford, Pauline Jansen, Fiona Mensah, Melissa Wake

Self-regulation and maternal mental health interactions from birth to age seven: Mother or child-driven effects?

Kate Williams, Donna Berthelsen, Jan Nicholson, Sue Walker



Lunchtime presentation

LSAC Wave 7 Content Consultation
AIFS LSAC Design Team


Education (1)

Chicago Room


Chorus Line Room

Methodology (1)

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Social Policy (2)

Phantom Room


The OECD education and Social Progress Project (ESP), an international comparative study of the role of non-cognitive skills on the social progress - evidence from LSAC

Galina Daraganova, Ben Edwards

Sugar sweetened beverage and high fat food consumption are related to raised BMI z-scores among a cohort of Australian children from 4 to 10 years of age

Lynne Millar, Bosco Rowland, Melanie Nichols, Boyd Swinburn, Catherine Bennett, Helen Skouteris, Steven Allender

Using LSAC data: Bayesian network modelling for factors influencing Australian breastfeeding rates

Margaret Rolfe, Lesley Barclay, Jo Longman, Sandra Johnson, Kerrie Mengersen

The effect of paid parental leave on child health

Barbara Hanel, Guyonne Kalb, Daniel Kuehnnle, Miriam Maeder


Parent-child engagement in home learning activities across early childhood: Socio-demographic predictors of change and associations with learning outcomes in the early years of school

Nicole Hayes, Donna Berthelsen, Sue Walker, Jan Nicholson

Social determinants of Indigenous health: Factors associated with healthy childhood weight in the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children

Katherine Thurber, Emily Banks, Cathy Banwell, Terry Neeman

Protocols for the collection of sensitive data from adolescents in Wave 6 of The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children.

Amanda Christian, Jenny Renda, Joanne Corey

A safe and supportive family environment for children

Killian Mullan, Daryl Higgins


Does school type affect academic achievement in young children? Evidence from Australia

Son Nghiem, Ha Nguyen, Rasheda Khanam, Luke Connelly

The associations between child weight, dental problems and diet in young Australian children: A prospective study

Merrilyn Hooley, Helen Skouteris, Lynne Millar

The trajectories of overweight/obese among Indigenous, Non-English Speaking and English-speaking Australian Children

Jack Chen, Lixin Ou

Fathers leave, fathers involvement and child development: Are they related? Evidence from OECD Countries

Jennifer Baxter




Keynote presentation 2

Introducing the new generation of “kiwi-kids” - Evidence from Growing Up in New Zealand
Associate Professor Susan Morton, Director, Growing Up in New Zealand
Broadway Room



Bobby McGee's Room

Thursday 14 November 2013


Keynote presentation 3

Telling the Stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families
Dr Maggie Walter, Associate Professor School of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania
Broadway Room




Symposium: Parent mental health in the perinatal period & beyond

Chicago Room

Health (1)

Chorus Line Room

Language and Learning

Carousel Room

Symposium: Fathers, mothers and jobs: How do they matter for children's outcomes

Phantom Room


Risk factors associated with fathers' persistent psychological distress across the early parenting period

Rebecca Giallo, Daniel Christensen, Fabrizio D'Esposito, Amanda Cooklin, Jan Nicholson

Introducing Growing Up in Australia's Child Health CheckPoint: A physical health and biomarkers module for the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children

Melissa Wake, Susan A. Clifford

The intergenerational transmission of Indigenous languages within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families

Walter Forrest

Impact of income, job quality and time pressure on child outcomes in sole-parent families

Fabrizio D'Esposito, Nina Lucas, Amanda Cooklin, Jan Nicholson


Postpartum maternal separation anxiety, over-protective parenting and children's social-emotional well-being

Amanda Cooklin, Rebecca Giallo, Fabrizio D'Esposito, Sharinne Crawford, Jan Nicholson

General practice services for Australian children - results from linked data between the LSAC and the Medicare database, 2003-04 to 2010-11

Lixin Ou, Jack Chen, Ken Hillman

The role of early language impairments in the developmental pathways of emotional problems from ages 4 to 12: Evidence from the Longitudinal Study of Australian children

Richard O'Kearney, Shaun Goh

Longitudinal effects of maternal work-family conflict and psychological distress at four stages of the family life-cycle (from child birth up to age 11)

Elizabeth Westrupp, Angela Martin, Lyndall Strazdins, Amanda Cooklin, Stephen Zubrick, Jan Nicholson


Maternal mental health problems during pregnancy and associations with childhood asthma and food allergy

Rebecca Giallo, Anita Kozyrskyj, Amanda Cooklin, Jan Nicholson

How children's sleep patterns change from 0-9 years: Australian Population Longitudinal Study

Anna Price, Jude Brown, Michael Bittman, Melissa Wake, Jon Quach, Harriet Hiscock

Delaying school entry- differential impacts for disadvantaged and relatively advantaged children?

Anna Zhu, Agne Suziedelyte

Fathers at work: Work family conflict, work-family enrichment and parenting

Amanda Cooklin, Elizabeth Westrupp, Lyndall Strazdins, Angela Martin, Jan Nicholson



Warren Cann, Rebecca Giallo

Healthcare costs associated with language difficulties up to 9 years of age: Australian population-based study

Emma Sciberras, Elizabeth Westrupp, Melissa Wake, Jan Nicholson, Nina Lucas, Fiona Mensah, Lisa Gold, Sheena Reilly

Reading and television viewing examined through the time use diaries of the first 3 waves of the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC) K-Cohort

Jeanine Willson, Bernd Heubeck

Fathers work-family conflict and mental health in the postnatal period - what matters most in the workplace

Amanda Cooklin, Rebecca Giallo, Angela Martin, Lyndall Strazdins, Jan Nicholson


Lunchtime presentation

LSIC Fieldwork processes and methodology


Parenting (1)

Chicago Room


Chorus Line Room

Symposium: Educational Contexts

Carousel Room

Community & Housing

Phantom Room


Who are tiger moms? An investigation of native and immigrant mothers' time investments in young children

Jen-Hao Chen

Footprints in the workplace: Indigenous mothers' employment

Jennifer Thompson, Fiona Tetley

Does speaking a language other than English at 4- to 5-years-old impact literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional outcomes at primary school?

Sharynne McLeod, Sue Walker, Chrystal Whiteford, Linda Harrison

Disadvantaged families and disadvantaged areas: relationships in LSAC waves 1-3

Bryan Rodgers, Bina Gubhaju, Lyndall Strazdins, Peter Butterworth, Tim Crosier, Tanya Davidson


Separated parents' preferences regarding fathers' involvement in the lives of their children

Lixia Qu, Ruth Weston

Parental joblessness, financial disadvantage and the wellbeing of parents and children

Jennifer Baxter, Matthew Gray, Kelly Hand, Alan Hayes

Following the path of Australian children with disabilities as they progress through school

Sarah McDonagh, Loraine Fordham, Julie Dillon-Wallace

How do housing conditions and housing instability affect the health of Indigenous and non-Indigenous children?

Anastasia Sartbayeva, Leo Bild, James Caffrey, Jason Brandrup


Exposure to inter-parental conflict during the early childhood period

Elizabeth Westrupp

The hidden side of reconciling work and familylLife: Young children's patterns of sleep and its consequences for parents' experience of mental health and work-family balance

Michael Bittman, Lyndall Strazdins

Identifying the cumulative effects of disadvantage on children's utilisation of ECEC through the application of a Disadvantage Index

Sandie Wong, Chrystal Whiteford, Corine Rivarlland, Linda Harrison

Participation in community groups, maternal mental health and child outcomes

Hugh Webb, Helene Shin




Disability & Health

Chicago Room

Methodology (2)

Chorus Line Room

Education (2)

Carousel Room

Parenting (2)

Phantom Room


Caring for a child with persistent chronic health problems and maternal participation in the labour force, job tenure, job security and short working hours (<10 hours)

Nick Spencer, Lyndall Strazdins

PanelWhiz: A Graphical User Interface in Stata for extracting data from the LSAC and LSIC

John Haisken-DeNew


Investigating the predictors of NAPLAN attendance- a measure of the impact of policy reform

Paula Cronin, Rebecca Reeve, Stephen Goodall

Children's perceptions of their parents' jobs

Jennifer Baxter, Lyndall Strazdins


Perinatal risk and physical health outcomes in Indigenous Australian children: Footprints in time: The Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children

Elizabeth Westrupp, Fabrizio D'Esposito, Fiona Mensah, Jane Freemantle, Bree Heffernan, Jan Nicholson

Redressing child health disparities: what should be our outcome measure?

Fiona Mensah, Jan Nicholson, Melissa Wake, Darren Wraith, Donna Berthelsen, C. Jane Freemantle, John Carlin

Learning to read English: what can we learn from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who are doing well?

Fiona Skelton, Deborah Kikkawa, Sophie Balch, Stephen Zubrick

Parenting through domestic violence: Examining the effects of the mother's mental health and parenting techniques on child outcome in the context of partner violence using LSAC K Cohort data

Helene Shin, Helen Rogers


Is social disadvantage on the causal pathway to, or a consequence of, chronic disabling conditions in childhood?

Nick Spencer, Lyndall Strazdins

Fixed effects matter: The importance of panel data for understanding cognitive development in Australian Indigenous children

Richard Brown, Bethany Davies, Prabha Prayaga, Simon Quinn


Early childhood assessment in the German National Educational Panel Study

Anja Sommer, Ina-Sophie Ristau

Are single mothers bad mothers? Evidence from LSAC

Jan Nicholson, Fabrizio D'Esposito, Nina Lucas, Elizabeth Westrup



Poster program

The contribution that language difficulties have towards the development of externalising difficulties: A longitudinal study of children aged 4 to 10

Shaun Goh, Richard O'Kearney

Early childhood behaviours are associated with season of birth

Huong Tran Cam Dang, Adrian Gerard Barnett, Roy Martin, Michael Gerard Kimlin

What does the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children tell us about the services children use and the level and variation in type and cost of service use across Australia?

Sarah Carr, Lisa Gold, Susan Clifford

Celebrating the language competence and rich language environments of young Indigenous children

Sharynne Mcleod, Sarah Verdon

Data workshops are also on offer

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