Condensed Privacy Policy


The Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) is a Commonwealth statutory authority established under the Family Law Act 1975 to undertake research into factors affecting family wellbeing. As a research body, AIFS collects and handles a variety of personal information in performing its statutory research function and activities. This condensed Privacy Policy applies to personal information collected by AIFS.

AIFS has adopted the layered privacy policy format. This document provides you with a succinct overview of how we handle your personal information.

Our complete Privacy Policy can be accessed on our website. Both this condensed Privacy Policy and the complete Privacy Policy were last updated in May 2014.

Personal information handling practices


We usually collect personal information about individuals directly from those individuals or their authorised representative.

We sometimes collect personal information from a third party or from a publicly available source, but only if:

In certain circumstances, we may collect personal information from other government agencies to assist us to contact members of the public to seek their participation in a research study.

We only collect personal information for purposes that are necessary for or directly related to our functions or activities in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and the Family Law Act 1975.

Use and disclosure

We only use personal information for the purposes for which we collected it, either for a particular purpose (primary purpose) or for a related purpose (secondary purpose).

In some instances, we may use personal information, such as contact details that AIFS has obtained from another government agency, to contact members of the public to participate in research surveys, focus groups or interviews. If any individual does not wish to participate or continue to participate in a research study, we do not use their contact details for any other purpose and, in the majority of cases, destroy their personal information, in line with the AIFS Records Authority (PDF 502 KB).

We do not give personal information about an individual to other government agencies, private sector organisations or anyone else, unless one of the following applies:

Data security

We take reasonable steps to protect the personal information we hold against interference, loss, unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure, and against other misuse in line with the Australian Government’s Protective Security Policy Framework.

When the personal information that we collect is no longer required, we destroy or delete it in a secure manner, in accordance with the AIFS Records Authority (PDF 502 KB) and the Archives Act 1983.

Your choices

You can seek access to the personal information that we hold about you, and you can ask us to correct the personal information we hold about you. For more information, see the section “Access and correction” in our complete Privacy Policy.

If you are listed on one or more of our email alerts, you can opt out at any time. You can unsubscribe by using the “unsubscribe” options noted in our emails.

Our obligations

AIFS is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988.

For more information, see our complete Privacy Policy.

How to contact us

For further information contact us online, in writing or by telephone:

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