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Accessibility is important to us. We aim to make information on this website accessible to all users. Please let us know through our feedback and complaints form or contact us via our web form or by phoning (03) 9214 7888 if you:

Web standards

Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Australian Government agencies are required to ensure information and services are provided in a non-discriminatory accessible manner. This website has been designed to meet the Australian Government standards, including those that relate to access for people with disabilities.


The primary navigation system on this website is a top menu with drop down sub-menus providing quick access to the site's major content areas. All areas of the website can also be accessed with Javascript and/or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) disabled.

For people using screen readers each page has a link that says "skip to content". Following this link will skip over the page header and the navigation menu to take you straight to the content of the page.

Navigating with a keyboard

If you are not using a mouse to navigate our website, you can navigate on the keyboard by using the TAB and ENTER keys:

A site map is also available to help you to find information on our website.

Document types

Material on our website is published primarily in HTML with a Portable Document Format (PDF) version provided as a convenient printable alternative for many of our publications. A selection of Institute publications are also being made available in EPUB 2.0 format. Some older publications are available only as PDF, RTF or Word documents, or in a combination of these formats.

Some documents on the website cannot be provided in HTML format. If you have difficulty accessing a document on our website please contact us and we will endevour to provide it to you in a format that fits your needs.

Note: You need a PDF viewer to read and access the information contained within PDF files.

Audio transcripts

We provide audio files of many AIFS seminar presentations from 2008 onwards, and also of selected publications. Where an audio file is available transcripts are also provided.

Technical aspects

This website is designed to work well in a range of popular web browsers.

The text is scalable, allowing it to be resized in the browser window.

Links have meaningful link text which can be read by screen readers.

Images on this site have meaningful alternative "alt" tags which can be read by screen readers.

Further information

More information on web accessibility is available on the following sites: